Purpose and Objectives of the African Parkaging Organization

The overall goal of the organisation is perhaps best summed up by its website slogan – “A World of Quality Packaging for Africa”.

The objectives of the APO shall be to –

1 Bring to the attention of African states the role that packaging can play in addressing some of the major development challenges facing the continent;

2 Build packaging capability in Africa by promoting and maintaining the status and business of those engaged in packaging, and by the recognition of packaging as a profession, this to be achieved by international collaboration, and by establishing, publishing and disseminating educational standards and training information, examinations, and the awarding of bursaries and qualifications as may seem appropriate from time to time;

3 Encourage the competitiveness of African exports by assisting where possible in the improvement of product presentation through effective packaging;

4 Promote and support the packaging industry as represented by its members and to serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge between its members and other organisation or persons interested in packaging;

5 Seek to increase the collaboration among Members inter alia in the areas of packaging research,  development, sustainability and the promotion of the role packaging plays in society;       

6 Inform the public of the benefits to be derived from effective packaging;

7 By invitation and subject to the availability of resources, attempt to further the interests of  packaging by assisting and supporting individual member organisations in their own countries in a manner and to an extent agreed, to –

7.1 Lobby their Governments to formulate policies and institutional frameworks;

7.2 Lobby their Governments to provide budgetary support;

7.3 Where unanimously agreed by the members, lobby regional and continental organisations  i.e. AU, COMESA, ECOWAS, EAC, SADC.

8 Hold conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other functions calculated to promote the interests of packaging;

9 Affiliate or associate itself with other packaging organisations or federations having common interests and objectives, band through local and international co-operation, to exchange packaging knowledge and expertise in an attempt to foster and develop the packaging industry in Africa;

10 Contribute in whatever means possible to the fostering of international trade;

11 Commit itself to the promotion of environmental; friendly packaging and management of  packaging waste;

12 Act in such other manner as the members may unanimously decide upon from time to time.

The founding Statute, bringing into being the African Packaging Organisation, was formally signed at the inaugural meeting of the founding members at the Inanda Club in Sandton, South Africa on the 29th June 2012.

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